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I Want to Give Feedback About My Experience at Giant Tiger

We want to hear from you about your experience at Giant Tiger. Tell us what we did right, how we can improve or if you want to take the time to single out someone who made your shopping that much easier. Please contact our Customer Service team by filling out this form with any feedback you wish for us to receive.

I Want a Giant Tiger Store in My Community. How Can I Pass Along a Community/Neighbourhood Suggestion?

We are always looking for new communities to call home. We ask that you visit Giant Tiger’s Facebook page and post your location suggestion there. We have numerous team members reading the suggestions, including members of our Real Estate team.

How Can I Get Giant Tiger’s Support for a Charitable or Sponsorship Request?

We receive numerous requests daily, so we have a system in place to ensure that all requests are reviewed and assessed fairly. Please fill out our charitable giving program questionnaire form. The form will automatically be submitted to the responsible parties for evaluating. Please allow four to six weeks for processing. Our charitable giving program is an annual grant program.

If you are looking to have sponsorship for an event, we ask that you fill out the sponsorship request form. The form will automatically be submitted to the responsible parties for evaluation. Please feel free to visit your nearest Giant Tiger store and discuss this request directly with the store owner or manager as sponsorship decisions are made locally.

I Represent a Local Charitable or Community Organization & Am Looking for Giant Tiger to Support. How Do I Get in Touch with Giant Tiger?

We are proud to be connected to our local communities and donate funds and product in kind to over 2,000 charities and associations annually across Canada. These types of decisions are made at store level. Please contact the Store Manager/Owner of your local store with your request for consideration.

What is GT VIP®?

GT VIP® is a unique and user-friendly loyalty program that gives members access to deals on in-store purchases, contests and partner perks. GT VIP® is available at all Giant Tiger stores. 

Service Animals

Giant Tiger welcomes services animals and we recognize the important roles they play in many of our customers' lives. We do not allow pets in our stores.

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