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MULTI-BUYSUpdated a year ago

What Time Does Multi-Buy Pricing End?

Multi-Buy pricing ends at 11:59:59 p.m. EST. Multi-Buy pricing for customers in Atlantic, Central or Pacific time zones will end 1-3 hours earlier or up to 90 minutes later, depending on location.

How Will the Multi-Buy Discount Appear on My Receipt?

Multi-Buy discounts will only appear on one item per discount group and will appear as such on   the cart, checkout, email receipt and order history.

 Example: Buy 2 for $10

 Customers will see one full-priced item at $10 and a second item at the discounted price. 

Why is the Multi-Buy Discount on My Receipt Different Than What is Advertised?

Customers may see a slightly lower price on their Multi-Buy discount than what is advertised.

Example: Buy 2 for $12

The total discount may come out to $11.97. This is because only whole percentage discounts can be applied. This causes some discrepancies in the discount amount; however, customers will always get the lower price.

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